Somatic and Movement Psychotherapy

Somatic Therapy acknowledges the critical mind-body relationship as the foundation for wellbeing.  Sometimes, talking therapy alone cannot access deeper parts of the self and entrenched mind-body patterns that are limiting and restraining growth.  Using embodied practices including movement and breath, somatic therapy heals the rift between the psyche and the body that is often at the crux of dysfunction such as anxiety, depression and weakened sense of self.  Recent decades in neuroscience have produced ample evidence showing that mental health is based on balanced physiological mechanisms, and psychological distress is manifested by physiological imbalance.  Working with embodiment as the source of our existence is a vital aspect of gaining wellbeing and reclaiming joy.

Traumatic experiences as well as unprocessed adverse experiences in childhood get stored in musculature and fascia, limited our movement psychically as well as physically.  Somatic Therapy addresses frozen and disowned parts of ourselves to create more freedom in mind and body.  Gently reuniting ourselves with our bodies, we can find a true home, the place where we can always take refuge, the source for well-being and joy.