About me


In search of peace and wellbeing, I have dedicated my life to exploring, studying and practicing various avenues for psychological, physical and spiritual healing.  As a young woman, I studied therapeutic approaches and benefited enormously from working with gifted therapists who provided invaluable insight, clarity and compassion for my journey.  Now I strive to offer this support to people who may be struggling at some point in life and would benefit from working with another.  

Originally from the USA, I have lived in Japan since 1990 and am also a resident of Greece.  I have been involved in teaching, researching and training Intercultural Communication for 30 years.  With extensive experience living and working in foreign cultures, I specialize in supporting people in cross-cultural relationships and/or living as expatriates.  

I am trained as a Somatic Movement Therapist, Integrated Psychotherapist and Coach, as well as being certified as a yoga and Pilates instructor and in the Enneagram.