Creative Arts, Somatic and Integrated Psychotherapy and Coaching

Conscious Healing and Wellbeing

Human life brings many challenges.  We meet with traumatic events, painful losses and problematic situations that overwhelm our coping mechanisms.  The current world situation is presenting extraordinary difficulties for many people, bringing unpredictability, uncertainty and requiring constant adaptation.  How we treat ourselves, treat others and manage complex situations is key to wellbeing.  Much of how we operate is based in habitual emotional and behavioral patterns, patterns which often prevent growth and development, keeping us limited.   Integrated Therapy can draw on many approaches for cultivating mental, emotional and physiological patterns which can build inner strength and stability.  Developing self-awareness and self-compassion provide the foundation to flourish in our lives and nourish our potential.  

Integrated Psychotherapy 

Every individual is unique; past and present contexts create unique configurations and unique challenges.  What brings healing and wellbeing to one person, may not work for another.  I have spent 40 years exploring, studying and practicing many avenues for psychological, physical and spiritual healing.  The work toward healing and wellbeing is a collaborative one; I work with clients to identify the most effective methodologies or the pathway that feels most nourishing.  We work together to explore how to untangle past habits that limit and constrain joy, the beliefs that bind you and the automatic physiological patterns that prevent change.  

Therapeutic Modalities:

Cross-Cultural Relationship and Multicultural Contexts

Spiritual Resources

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Diet and Lifestyle Support


Existential Psychotherapy 

Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

Somatic and Movement Psychotherapy 


Emotionally Focused Therapy 

Psychodynamic and Attachment-based Psychotherapy 


Treatment Program and Fees